Magma 5851 Farola clásica con tecnología de vanguardia

Con un diseño inspirado en los antiguos faroles de gas, MAGMA LED 5851 es un complemento intemporal para los entornos urbanos. Brinda a las ciudades la oportunidad de preservar su patrimonio y aporta una fuente de bienestar y seguridad a los espacios públicos. Bajo su diseño clásico e intemporal, la luminaria MAGMA LED 5851 incorpora tecnologías LED y de control de última generación.
Esta luminaria patrimonial está destinada a mejorar la experiencia visual de los entornos urbanos. La elegancia de su diseño genera una sensación de lugar, con un carácter distintivo tanto de día como de noche, creando un sentimiento de orgullo entre los residentes. Más allá de un complemento distinguido para su paisaje, MAGMA LED 5851 es la herramienta de iluminación ideal para crear espacios habitables atractivos a la par que sostenibles para todos los tipos de actividad urbana.



In accordance with China’s “China Green Lighting Project”, lighting energy saving has become an important aspect of energy conservation. LED is a compound semiconductor components, with high luminous efficiency, environmental protection, long life, small size, etc., is solid-state lighting (SSL) the main technology development line. On the one hand, saving energy is important for protecting the environment. On the other hand, China’s electricity efficiency is low, a serious waste, great savings potential. Then the LED lights have the advantages of green and energy saving, you can save a lot of energy, can effectively protect the environment, reduce pollution, improve people’s health level, the status of people in life increasingly obvious.
Compared with LED lights, sodium lamps have short life, low luminous efficiency, poor color rendering, low power factor, can not be hot start, low luminous flux stability, especially in the traditional street lamp used in high pressure sodium lamp 360 degrees light, light loss The shortcomings caused a huge waste of energy. However, LED lights  high efficiency, low reflection loss of lamps, saving energy
Source 70%; with digital control brightness function, more power; no high pressure, high security; with the software can be remotely remote control brightness; accident, fog, rain and other special circumstances to provide high brightness and high color Light source; installation and maintenance is simple; module installation, no extra wiring; will not cause light pollution or waste; long life, meaning
There is no need for frequent replacement, thus reducing the potential for traffic disruption, reducing the cost of maintenance for this.
It was calculated that the use of LED lights in addition to the cost of a single lamp and the initial installation cost higher than the high pressure sodium lamp, the laying cost, power consumption and life are much better than high pressure sodium lamp. At the same time, from the human visual point of view, LED light color temperature is high, color is high, people’s visual sensitivity, so you can use low light output LED instead of high light output sodium lamp.
current. The global environment is deteriorating, the country is developing clean energy. With the rapid growth of the national economy, China’s energy supply and demand has become increasingly prominent, there is a serious shortage of electricity supply situation, energy conservation is an urgent need to solve the problem. Therefore, the development of new and efficient, energy saving, long life, high color rendering index, environmental protection, LED lights on the city lighting lighting energy is of great significance.

Post time: Jul-13-2022
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