The Performance of LED Public Lighting Determines

Led Public lighting includes LED street lights, tunnel lights and other functional lighting. Other functional lighting products mainly include garden lights, high pole lights and high power flood lights. The current number of street lights and garden lights is the largest, followed by high pole lights and high power spotlights, and finally tunnel lights. Since streetlights and garden lights are mostly in the field of public lighting, they have developed earlier and faster.

Reasonable light distribution, high light utilization, and appropriate brightness are comfortable and beautiful road lighting. The perfect road lighting depends on the performance and expressiveness of the lighting fixtures. In the design, the technicians need to understand and be familiar with the various lighting fixtures, master the basic performance and characteristics of each fixture, and analyze and compare the parameters with the aids. The software calculates the design drawings that meet the requirements of the road lighting level, improves the road lighting quality, avoids the pursuit of high brightness and high uniformity, resulting in an imbalance of the overall ratio, which poses a safety hazard to pedestrians.

With the increasing maturity of LED technology, the market price of products is getting lower and lower, and the application of high-quality LED street lamps is more and more extensive, which is the correct market orientation. In the current era of mobile Internet, technology and product information are transparent. For LED companies, it is necessary to self-innovate, develop some LED street light products with their own advantages, improve their technical performance and product quality, meet their market needs, interact with designers and customers, and let more customers Understand and understand the competitiveness of its enterprises and the characteristics and advantages of its products, correctly guide the market orientation, and work with designers and engineering companies to maintain the order of the lighting market.

Green lighting, energy saving and environmental protection are the focus of today’s society. Road lighting is also based on aesthetics and practicality, and it is increasingly pursuing energy saving and high efficiency. With the development of LED technology and the scientific design, road lighting will achieve the unification of beauty, practicality and energy saving.


Post time: Dec-28-2019
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