South Coatesville to upgrade street lighting | News

Moses Bryant was among many South Coatesville residents who went to Borough Hall for an anticipated presentation regarding updates on the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s Regional Streetlight Procurement Program that they had demanded to get newer, brighter lights for their neighborhoods.

After Bryant said his street is as dark as a funeral home at the Sept. 24 meeting, borough Council authorized phases three and four of the streetlight program. The project will be completed by Keystone Lighting Solutions.

Keystone Lighting Solutions president Michael Fuller said the project’s current phase two involves field audits, design and analysis, resulting in a final project proposal. Council’s approval will lead to phases three and four, construction and post-construction.

New light fixtures will include 30 existing colonial style and 76 cobra head lights. Both types will be upgraded to energy efficient LED. The colonial lights will be upgraded to a 65-watt LED bulbs and poles will be replaced. The LED cobra head fixtures will have lights with varying wattages with photocell control while using existing arms.

South Coatesville will take part in the second round of light installation, where 26 municipalities will be receiving new streetlights. Fuller said 15,000 lights will be replaced in the second round. Borough officials said Fuller’s presentation is one of two streetlight projects going on simultaneously. Coatesville-based electrician Greg A. Vietri Inc. began installing new wiring and light bases in September on Montclair Avenue. The Vietri project will be completed by early November.

Secretary and treasurer Stephanie Duncan said projects complement each other, with Fuller’s retrofit of existing lighting being fully borough-funded, while Vietri’s work is financed by a Chester County Community Revitalization Program Grant, with a percentage match provided by the borough.

Council also voted 5-1-1 to wait until spring for Dan Malloy Paving Co. to begin repairs on Montclair Avenue, Upper Gap and West Chester Roads because of seasonal time constraints. Councilman Bill Turner abstained because he said he did not have enough information to make an informed decision.

Post time: Sep-30-2019
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