LED Street Lights Manufacturers Have Developed Rapidly in Recent Years

The development of LED street lights has been very rapid in recent years. In particular, the state has vigorously promoted intelligent city lighting life. People advocate living in vibrant and hopeful cities. As a result, LED street lights have also entered people’s attention. Because the prices of LED street lights are not uniform, many LED street lights manufacturers set their own prices, so the prices of products are uneven. The following factors have a great impact on the prices of LED street lights:

1. Cost: For LED street lights manufacturers, cost will definitely be the main factor affecting the price. The cost is the sum of the components of LED street light, generally including LED light source, electrical components, signal light controller, signal light pole and auxiliary material wire etc. The cost of each part determines the final street light price.

2. Scientific and technological progress: With the continuous progress of scientific and technological technology, the price of the controller for pure electronic components will definitely decrease, thus lowering the price of LED street lights. Of course, other parts will be accompanied by new technological breakthroughs and lower prices.

3. Different trial product materials: Different LED street lights manufacturers try different product materials, and it is common for the same thing to look the same on the surface, and the price difference is caused by the different cost and quality of raw materials. Here, it is suggested that the purchasing department should pay close attention to the quality of the purchased products, and implement all the purchasing details one by one, so as not to give some irregular LED street lights manufacturers the chance to make up for inferior quality, fake the truth and make up for the number.

For functional lighting, flexibility will cause interchangeability of products, which needs to be restrained in the form of specifications or standards. However, there is no need for standardization in special fields, and the flexibility and plasticity of LED can be brought into full play. There is still a great opportunity for small and medium-sized LED street lights manufacturers to develop in this field. They should plan the market and adjust the price of LED street lights. Moreover, with the popularity of the slogan of sustainable development, price is no longer the only consideration for consumers. From this point of view, the development prospect of LED street lights will be very good.

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Post time: Mar-28-2020
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