High Quality Urban light Roma Luxe NEW luminaire,Fernandino luminaire, IP66 IK10

Gracias al sistema óptico modular de Austar, la serie Roma Luxe dispone
de distintos bloques ópticos que se adecúan a la disposición de las
luminarias y a las condiciones de la vía. Austar proporciona al cliente
el soporte necesario en la elección de la luminaria óptima para su proyecto

Municipalities around the world have been facing the challenge of improving public services while cutting costs. Many public lighting facilities are outdated and do not meet the needs of a safe and attractive urban environment. Compared with traditional street lamps, Led Public lighting products can improve lighting levels and achieve huge energy savings.

Led public lighting for existing street lighting infrastructure, expandable and ready to operate, is a wireless control unit mounted on a street light. This “plug and play” solution delivers the transmission of information and control commands to the LEDs of the luminaire.

The general trend in national and international environmental regulations and policies is to protect the planet from global warming by reducing the carbon dioxide footprint generated by excessive power consumption. Led public lighting solutions allow you to be part of a solution that dramatically reduces your city’s energy consumption.

Upgrading the public lighting system is not only an opportunity to improve the financial situation of the city. When led public lighting is used correctly, it also benefits the environment, making your city a safer and more enjoyable place for residents.

Roma Luxe 01

Roma Luxe 02

Post time: Feb-10-2021
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