China High Quality Urban light,Villa Luminaires IP66 IK10

Gracias al sistema óptico modular de Austar, la serie Villa dispone
de distintos bloques ópticos que se adecúan a la disposición de las
luminarias y a las condiciones de la vía. Austar proporciona al cliente
el soporte necesario en la elección de la luminaria óptima para su proyecto.

LED garden light  is a kind of public lighting.China Best Quality Palacio luminaire,Fernandino luminaire,Villa Luminaires IP66 IK10,The light source is a new type of LED semiconductor as the lamp body. It usually refers to the following 6 meters of outdoor road lighting. The main components are: LED light source, lamps, lamp poles, plates, and basic inserts. In part, LED garden lights are also known as landscape LED garden lights because of their diversity, aesthetics and landscaping and decorative environment. LED has the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency. It is mainly used in public lighting in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places to extend people’s outdoor activities and improve property safety.

LED garden lights have been developed into the 21st century and are widely used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyard corridors and other road locations for unilateral or two-way road lighting, for people traveling at night. Safety is used to increase the time of outdoor activities and improve the safety of life and property. It can also change people’s feelings, improve people’s emotions, and change people’s ideas to create a dark and dark palette-like night. At night, garden lighting can provide the necessary lighting and living convenience, increase the sense of security, but also highlight the highlights of the city, and create a beautiful style, which has been developed into a mature industrial chain.

LED luminous efficiency is high. The luminous efficiency of the commercially available LEDs has reached 100 lm / W, and its luminous efficiency is much higher than that of energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamps and electrodeless lamps, which are more than 10% higher than the commonly used high-pressure sodium lamp street lamps. It has become one of the highest luminous efficiency of light sources. The replacement of incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps by LEDs is no longer a major technical obstacle, but a matter of time.

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